Acrylique sur lin 

The painting is composed of an interrupted blue-black frame and an animal in the center. The painting is predominantly blue on a gray background.The animal represents a microscopic creature whose interior can be seen. This choice of representation tells the viewer that terror is a feeling invisible to the eyes of the one who feels it. The painting shows the viewer the essence of his deepest terrors. 

Les danseurs
140 x 195 
Acrylique sur lin 


The painting is predominantly gray on a white background. A couple are dancing at a country ball amid red lanterns; he is in blue and she is in green. The woman turns her face to the left and the man turns his face to the right; they dance together, as if levitating, blending their solitudes in a moment of joy and communion.  

acrylique sur lin

Color painting on white background. The painting is composed of a multitude of hats, be they feminine, masculine, religious or state hats like the kepi. Some are supported by figures, others exist by themselves to indicate the multitude. The movement of the hats is initiated by bows that complete these scenes of everyday life.